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Summary in English

Innovatum is a development centre packed with research projects and inspirational activities. We consist of a science centre, a project arena and an incubator.

Here you will find enterprises with a powerful forward momentum. For whether you are a ten year old playing with Lego robots, a thirteen year old making a 3D animation or a forty year old developing hybrid engines, the creative urge for technology and development is the same. We are a generator for what is called flow!

Our vision is to be an internationally recognised development centre within our focus areas.

Focus areas:

Production engineering: We are a part of Production Technology Center, Sweden’s most modern production laboratory!
Creative industry: We run ACT - a meeting place for creative industries that offers stimulating working spaces, organizes fun and exciting professional development activities and brings together creative people.
Energy technology and environmental engineering developing product ideas and business concepts which are sustainable into the future.

Cooperation is the key

Innovatum wants to inspire new thinking and our point of departure is that the very best way to generate learning and new knowledge is when people cooperate. We are therefore concentrating on arenas with resources which stimulate and utilize precisely this.

The project arena offers generous premises, advanced equipment and project managers and advisers who coordinate and run research and development projects. It involves innovative projects where the results are to be rapidly put into operation in the company’s business activity.
Contact person: Kjell-Åke Johansson, +46 520 - 289 320, kaj@innovatum.se
The incubator exploits and develops good ideas that can mature into vigorous companies in an inspirational environment with professional advice throughout all parts of the process. The conditions for the entrepreneurship of the future are created here.
Contact person: Dan-Erik Palm, +46 520 - 289 350, dan-erik.palm@innovatum.se
Science Centre is a meeting place and experience arena that awakens an appetite for technology and makes things comprehensible. We develop new thinking in children and young people through interactive exhibitions, public events, educational activities etc.
Contact person: Margareta Hallin, +46 520-289 401, margareta.hallin@innovatum.se
The MD of Innovatum is Peter Zienau, +46 520 - 289 347, peter.zienau@innovatum.se
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